The Choice for R: The codebase of the PolMine project is written in the statistical programming language R. R offers a broad range of packages for statistical analysis, great visualisation capabilites, and is widely used by social scientists.

polmineR: The polmineR-package follows the design principle of a three-tier architecture. The Open Corpus Workbench (CWB) serves as an engine for indexing corpora and for retrieving information. The syntax of the Corpus Query Processor (CQP) provides powerful abilities to formulate complex queries. Releases of the polmineR package are available at CRAN. The package is under active development, and development versions are available via GitHub. GitHub is also where issues and feature requests can be reported.

ctk: The corpus toolkit (ctk), available at GitHub is a companion package to the polmineR package for corpus preparation. The ctk package provides a set of R wrappers for standard tools for natural language processing such as the TreeTagger (for linguistic annotation), stanfordNLP or openNLP.