The PolMine Project is an initiative of Andreas Blätte, Professor of Public Policy and Regional Politics at the University of Duisburg-Essen. The members of the PolMine Research Group contribute to the project either by creating code and data, dissemination or by contributing to the project in a collaborative setting.

Andreas Blaette
Head of the Group
Professor of Public Policy

Christoph Leonhardt
Research Assistant
Project Linking Textual Data & PopParl Project

Julia Rakers
Research Assistant
Project Linking Textual Data

Merve Schmitz-Vardar
Research Assistant
MigTex Project

Dennis Schüle
Research Assistant
MigRep Project

Laura Dinnebier
Research Assistant
MigRep Project

Sarata Diane
Student Assistant
MigRep Project

Silvia Mommertz
Student Assistant
Professorship of Public Policy

Alexandra Naumann
Student Assistant
PopParl Project

Former Team Members

  • Simon Gehlhar (Research Assistant MIDEM Project)
  • Florian Gilberg (Student Assistant, PopParl Project)
  • Kevin Glock (Student Assistant, MigTex Project)
  • Pawel Szczerbak (Research Assistant, Project 'Arenas of Interest Intermediation')
  • Silvia Berenz (Student Assistant, Cooperation with IDS)


PolMine is affiliated with the NRW School of Governance at the Institute of Political Science (Department of the Social Sciences, University of Duisburg-Essen). A special thanks goes to the IT of the Department of Social Sciences. We are grateful for the outstanding and unfailing support of Anita Born, Marius Bertram and Florian Böhm!


The PolMine Project could not evolve without being part of collaborative networks and a family of related projects. Most importantly, PolMine is a registered category-C centre in the European CLARIN network. The GermaParl corpus is part of the resource family of parliamentary corpora of CLARIN. We have contributed actively to the ParlCLARIN workshops at Sofia (2017) and Marseille (2020) and at the LREC conference in Miyazaki, Japan (2018).