New polmineR version v0.7.9 (“Jeanne d’Arc”)!

Major changes:

The most visible change of polmineR v0.7.9 may be that the package moves to a snake_case coding style. This is increasingly the state-of-the-art of newly developed R packages, and feels much more intuitive when working with the arguments ‘s_attributes’ and ‘p_attributes’ (rather than pAttributes, and sAttributes). Functions/methods are fully backwards compatible. Old code should is not supposed to break.

The package now uses a session registry directory, which is a subdirectory of the temporary session directory. This has become mandatory, because CRAN policies do not allow to reset paths within a package, once it has been installed. But it is very useful, because now, switching registry directories can be avoided. The use()-function will now add the corpora in a R data package to the session registry. So this is a good start to work with multiple corpora wrapped in various packages. This involves a set of new functions:

  • A (new) registry_move()-function is used to copy files to the tmp registry;
  • The (new) registry()-function will get the temporary registry directory;

A set of changes makes working with bundle objects more versatile and robust:

  • There is a new as.list()-method for bundle objects, to access the list in the slot objects;
  • as.bundle() is more generic now, so that any kind of object can be coerced to a bundle now;
  • The as.speeches()-method turned into function that allows a partition or a corpus as input;

The new version upgrades the count-class. So the count()-method will serve as a constructor for a count object, if no query is provided. This is particularly useful when working with count_bundle-objects.

Minor changes:

  • There is a new is.partition()-function (a logical check);
  • A new argument ‘type’ has been added to partition_bundle()-method;
  • A new method get_type() introduced to make getting corpus type more robust.
  • A new partition_bundle()-method for partition_bundle-objects has been introduced;

Bug fixes:

  • s_attributes() for partition-objects in line with RcppCWB requirements (no negative values of strucs);
  • count() repaired for muliple p-attributes;
  • bug removed causing a crash for as.markdown()-method when cutoff is larger than number of tokens;
  • a bug removed that has prevented the name<- method to work properly for bundle objects
  • for count() for partition_bundle-objects, the column ‘partition’ will be a character vector now (not factor)
  • bug removed that has caused a crash when cutoff is larger than number of tokens in a partition when calling get_token_stream