The peak of refugees: Dispersion of terms across time

    The peak of refugees: Dispersion of terms across time Publishing blog entries here has been a plan for a while. The intention is to share findings we may gain from large-scale corpora. Most of the time, I will elaborate on a some scenario that the polmineR package may be useful...

    PolMine Project - Registration as CLARIN Centre

    The PolMine Project is now a registered CLARIN centre, i.e. it is listed here. As a category C CLARIN centre, we offer metadata for the data resulting from the PolMine project that can be harvested by a web service. Most importantly, our data can now be explored through the Virtual...

    polmineR update - version 0.6.2

    A new release of the polmineR-package is available at CRAN. Apart from behind-the-scenes-refactoring that makes the code more consistent, there availability of progress bars for time-consuming functions has been extended. Improving the usability has been a prime aim of this update.

    polmineR-package at CRAN

    Finally, the polmineR-package is available as an officially registered R package (here). The package can now be installed with the install.packages-mechanism from R. The development version of the polmineR-package will be available at GitHub. That’s also where we offer a tutorial to install polmineR and all necessary dependencies.

    PolMine at YouTube: Installation tutorials

    Installing the polmineR-package can be an awkward experience - but you can also get it done in less than five minutes. To support users who want to install and use the polmineR package, we offer two video tutorials at YouTube - one for Linux, and one for Mac OS. (Sorry...