Pride and Prejudice: Finding Westerwelle's speech

    Pride and Prejudice: Finding Westerwelle’s speech In a seminar on policy responsiveness I am teaching with my colleague Susanne Pickel, we explore the relationship between the political supply of policies, and the substance of policies citizens demand for. Before proceeding to a quantitative analysis, we wanted to do a qualitative...

    The peak of refugees: Dispersion of terms across time

    The peak of refugees: Dispersion of terms across time Publishing blog entries here has been a plan for a while. The intention is to share findings we may gain from large-scale corpora. Most of the time, I will elaborate on a some scenario that the polmineR package may be useful...

    PolMine Project - Registration as CLARIN Centre

    The PolMine Project is now a registered CLARIN centre, i.e. it is listed here. As a category C CLARIN centre, we offer metadata for the data resulting from the PolMine project that can be harvested by a web service. Most importantly, our data can now be explored through the Virtual...

    polmineR update - version 0.6.2

    A new release of the polmineR-package is available at CRAN. Apart from behind-the-scenes-refactoring that makes the code more consistent, there availability of progress bars for time-consuming functions has been extended. Improving the usability has been a prime aim of this update.

    polmineR-package at CRAN

    Finally, the polmineR-package is available as an officially registered R package (here). The package can now be installed with the install.packages-mechanism from R. The development version of the polmineR-package will be available at GitHub. That’s also where we offer a tutorial to install polmineR and all necessary dependencies.